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"How often I saw where I should be going by setting out for somewhere else."
R. Buckminster Fuller

Have you ever failed at something? Most of us have. Failure often brings shame, a feeling of inadequacy, and even rejection. Failure is one of the topics we don't like to think about much less talk about.

Most people will not take any risks for fear of failure.

But think about that for a minute. . . where would we be if everyone who feared failure
refused to take risks?

History is full of people who failed. But their failures often led them to even greater successes.
Athletes fail, but the truly great ones strive harder to win the next time. Buildings and bridges
that collapse under stress are redesigned to newer and better standards. Scientists spend much time documenting failure after failure before discovering the cure that will save many lives.

If we are to make any progress at all in life we must risk failure. And if we fail, we can take our
failure and turn it into an opportunity for success.

A few years ago I attempted to start an online business. I had a great idea, or so I thought.
I registered a domain name. I purchased web site hosting.

And, guess what happened? Nothing. I failed. Simple as that.

I didn't know what I was doing on my first attempt. But, experiencing failure wasn't all bad.
Actually it was good for me. It was through failure that I discovered what went wrong.

I was able to start over with the new knowledge of what doesn't work. That is the beginning of the real learning process, and often that is the road to future success. I'm the better for that initial failure. This time, I've started out right.

"A failure is a man who has blundered, but is not able to cash in the experience."
Elbert Hubbard

Here is how I cashed in on my first failure.

I could have given up, but as a parent, I was concerned to provide some additional income for my family's needs and for my children's future education. Those are strong motivators for anyone to succeed in an online business.

However, even with that kind of motivation I was skeptical, especially since that first internet opportunity had looked so good. I was determined to be more careful and thoroughly research any offers, whether purchasing an e-book or webhosting.

My search led me to the web site, PENNYGOLD. There I read about a software program for managing investments in junior mining stocks. I thought to myself, interesting, but not exactly what I was looking for, or was it? The person offering the software had turned his investing hobby into a stock software management program and was now offering that software via the Internet.

"Doubts that cloud the faith of an era will excite its geniuses."

Frederic Morton, Nervous Splendor

I discovered that the software's developer was a medical doctor and a successful toy developer.
I signed up for his free e-zine, and although I didn't buy the software initially, I went back several times to his site. It was his 100% money-back guarantee which finally moved me to buy the software.

After installing the software, and reading the manuals and help info, I was amazed. The software and documentation were far more than I had expected.

Shortly after purchasing PennyGold, Ken Evoy, PennyGold's developer, announced he was soon to launch a new Internet venture. Having seen the quality of his PennyGold software, I was certain that he would have something big planned for his new venture.

I e-mailed Ken and asked about participating. His new venture was to sellhis new book, Make Your Site-Sell!, on the web, and he kindly sent me a review copy. I was amazed at the content. As I read it that first time, I thought to myself, "If I only had had Ken's book when I tried to start my online business a few years ago."

Ken spent a lot of time discovering how to sell his PennyGold software on the Web. It wasn't easy, and he did it using good old fashioned trial and error. Some things that he tried didn't work. What do we call that? Failure, or a learning experience? That didn't stop him. He moved forward and in the process he discovered what works best to sell on the web.

Make Your Site-Sell! is not just any book, but 800 pages of information, thoroughly documenting Ken's e-commerce experience on the web. Ken learned to sell on the Web by doing it.

Make Your Site-Sell! includes everything he discovered about web selling, how to choose a product to sell on the Web, how to build a site that sells, how to use the search engines, how to build traffic to the site, how to win the customer's confidence, and finally, how to make the sale.

If you don't know where to start, his book will show you.

"All progress is born of inquiry. Doubt is often better than over-confidence, for it leads to inquiry, and inquiry leads to invention."

Hudson Maxim

Please click here to see what Ken's first venture has turned into. Not only was that first venture wildly successful, but he has developed an entire suite of e-commerce marketing tools for selling ANY product on the Web. You will find several quality e-commerce books, a top-rated affiliate program, and world class web-site hosting. Ken's materials have helped many to succeed in their own online business.

Make Your Site-Sell! Make Your Knowledge Sell! Make Your Price Sell! Make Your Words Sell!

Ken's book gave me the confidence to start again, and to start right. I knew that by following his proven strategies I would be increasing my own chances for success. I am more confident now than ever.

Maybe you have failed before, but you don't have to let failure, or the fear of failure, put an end to your dream of having on online business.

Or maybe you are just starting your online business (or improving an existing one), Make Your Site-Sell! will get you started and get you started right.

There are no guarantees in any business venture, but if you work hard and follow Ken's strategies, you will discover how to be successful in your own online business.

Great people expect some failures, but that doesn't keep them from trying. Nor should it keep you from trying.

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