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How to Keep People Away From Your Website, Part 2

Having a problem getting visitors to your website and keeping them there? Here are a few more things you may be doing.

[sarcasm] People don't mind having to scroll right, then scroll left, then scroll down, then scroll right, then scroll left, then scroll down, etc. [/sarcasm]

Not everybody has big monitors, or a high screen resolution set. Check your website on different computers, with different browsers, with the window at different sizes.

Does a horizontal scroll bar appear? If one does, then you may have to go through your HTML. Consider making changes to tables, so that instead of pixels, they are set at percentage. That way, the text will wrap around the open window, instead of locking into place and forcing people to have to scroll to the side. Also don't overdo it with giant images.

[sarcasm] Most popular and professional websites use java on their website. [/sarcasm]

Yeah right. How many popular/professional websites use Java? Very, very few. If any. Some may use Java for some small thing. But you won't see them doing crappy Java tricks on the main page. Why? Because Java is a clogger. It takes awhile to load, usually holds up the browser, occasionally crashing it.

[sarcasm] Hey, everybody has fast internet connections. This is the 21st century. [/sarcasm]

Everybody does NOT have fast internet connections. There are still lots of people using modems. There are also a lot of people using slow computers. This is another factor when it comes to 'loading' a page up. Flash/Java are just a few things that can cause problems for people.

Try to hook up with somebody who has a slow computer and access your website. How long is it taking to load?

Consider optimizing your graphics. Do a search for graphic optimizers on Google, and I'm sure you'll find some good ones. You might also consider dividing the large pages into smaller pages.


Using all caps in emails, websites and in chatrooms is considered rude. It's associated with yelling. If you are going to do it with something, use it sparingly, such as I have done with the different paragraphs of this article.

[sarcasm] you're website can bee proffesiaonal even if yu mispell wordz [/sarcasm]

Yuck! Spelling seems to be one of the biggest problems for people nowadays. If you really have a problem with spelling, then get a dictionary! Dictionaries are there for a reason.

There is nothing worse, than going to a website that claims to offer services yet fails to spell professional the right way. Or another one that writes you're instead of your, or vice versa.

Simply put, you CAN NOT misspell if you want to pass yourself off as a credible and professional website.

At, you'll find information on an excellent FREE dictionary that you download onto your computer. I recommend that you check it out.

[sarcasm] Ooh. Look at the bubbles following my mouse! Wow, look at the background change colors when my mouse moves over that part of the image. [/sarcasm]

Last but not least, comes the stupid tricks. Please, nobody wants little bubbles following their mouse. Unless perhaps you have a website that targets 2 year olds.

Mouseovers CAN be okay for some images, if used the right way. But don't do those silly tricks that change the background color of the page. What a nuisance.

I could go on and on with dumb things that can be done. But I don't want to, because it's not a pleasant thought. The tricks are usually cute for about 2 seconds, then it gets old. Also remember, they could freeze somebody's computer, and I can guarantee that the odds are very slim of that person ever wanting to return to your site, unless it's your grandmother.

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