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Start with the right tools.

If you are considering designing your own web site, or maybe you've already made a few attempts to do so, but aren't quite satisfied with the results, then maybe you aren't really using the right tools for the job.

Although WordNet is a web site design company and we certainly don't try to turn away business, I always suggest to my clients that they begin learning some basic design skills so they can save money on maintenance after we have designed their initial site.

You will increase your odds of having a successful on-line business if you eventually take control over your web site so you can make frequent changes as needs arise.

How do you get started doing this?

First, start with getting the right tools. I'm going to assume that you have a web host at this point and you are ready to start designing your pages.

Here are the very basics that you must have.

1. Html editor - This is a tool for writing web pages in html. There are more editors popping up on the scene all the time. The ones we use and trust are Dreamweaver and GoLive. These are not cheap but are the best on the market and once you get some basics down, you will be glad you have them.


2. Graphics Editor - This is a tool for creating unique graphics as well as altering and editing photos. Again I suggest and use the Macromedia and Adobe products, Fireworks and Photoshop, respectively.


3. Ftp client - This is a tool that you use to transfer your html pages to the web. Ftp stands for file transfer protocol. This is an easy one. Get either ws-ftp or cute-ftp and you can't go wrong.


4. Email client - This is a tool that allows you to process emails and set up email accounts. You probably already have an email account and a client that came with your Internet Service Provider such as AOL. But for you to really utilize the power of email in conjunction with your business, you'll need an email client with more features and better flexibility.

I suggest Outlook 98 or 2000, or Eudora Pro.


All of the above products are available for 30 day free trials. Download them and try them out, I guarantee you'll like them

Some of the above products are not inexpensive and there are cheaper products on the market, such as page mill and front page. But in the long run, if you plan to maintain your own site, you will be better off to learn and use the quality tools now.

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