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Email Address Encoder, a small script, can encode your email address into hexadecimal code. This can prevent most email address harvesters from getting your email address from your website!

Email Address Encoder

Think of it as a necessary precaution!
The longer you wait, the worse the spam is going to get.

ePrompter is an easy to use email notifier that automatically checks up to eight email accounts.

It can check POP3 accounts, and most web-based accounts, such as Hotmail, Juno,, Yahoo, etc, all at the same time.

Read more about this great freeware program...

You'll also get a good tip that can help you with any spam-infested email accounts that you might have.


[This description was written for version 1.05. Since then ePrompter 2.0 has come out, with more features. I'll be reviewing it at a later date.]

I understand, some people might use a browser other than Internet Explorer. But if you have Internet Explorer and don't have the Google Toolbar, then check it out!

Google Toolbar

Google is said by many people to be the number 1 search engine. I receive the majority of my hits from people searching through Google. It's a very accurate search engine.

This utility has a feature that is very rare. In fact, I have yet to find a utility that can compete with this one when it comes to killing programs.


CoolKill is basically the same as CTRL+ALT+DEL, but much, much better.

ZoneAlarm is a firewall.


A firewall is basically the program that stands between you and the internet. It can prevent rogue programs(such as spyware, or trojans) to connect to the internet, and it can also block access from the internet to your computer(hackers).

Spinwave sells different optimization programs, such as JPEG CRUNCHER 2.0 and GIF CRUNCHER.

But, they also have a FREE service, which can be used to optimize your GIF and JPEG files.

Spinwave - Graphic optimization

Graphic optimization should be something that all webmasters do.

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