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Cool Tool - Email Address Encoder
featured in Awesome Solutions for Webmasters

This script encodes your email address with Hexadecimal code. So basically it changes the letters that would normally be in your source code.

example : My name in Hexadecimal would be

(you can see the hexadecimal code here, but if you put this in your source code,
the browser will decode it to Jonathan. Most email harvesting spiders can't decode!)

This can prevent most email address harvesters from getting your email address from your website!

Think of it as a necessary precaution!
(The longer you wait, the worse the spam is going to get.)

Email Address:

Encoded Email Address:



So what do I do with the code?

You insert it directly into your HTML source code.
Where you once had,, you would insert the encoded version of that.

You can also encode mailto links. Just type mailto:address, encode, and then insert the hexadecimal code into it's appropriate place in your html source.

If you would like to use this script on your website, please contact me for permission.
Jonathan Harbaugh - webmaster[at]prowebsitemanagement[dot]com

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