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Cool Tool - Google Toolbar
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This is a must-have for every webmaster. In fact, I'd be surprised if you aren't using it, or if you haven't even seen it.

I understand, some people might use a browser other than Internet Explorer. But if you have Internet Explorer and don't have the Google Toolbar, then check it out!

Google Toolbar

Google is said by many people to be the number 1 search engine. I receive the majority of my hits from people searching for my site through Google. It's a very accurate search engine.

Google also has a system where they rank a page. There are many theories as to how the Google ranking works. Google ranks sites from 0 to 10. PRO Website Management is right in the middle at 5.

Download the Google Toolbar, and you can see your website's pagerank. Some of the top websites on the internet have a 9 or a 10. But that is a very hard rank to achieve.

tip: You can also see a website's pagerank by going to the Google Directory, and searching for their website. If the website is anywhere in the Directory, then the pagerank will show up beside the website.

You can find a good explanation of PageRank at Google. Click here

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