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Awesome Solutions For Webmasters - Issue 8
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Awesome Solutions For Webmasters

Issue #8 - May 21st, 2002.

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In this issue:

1. Jonathan :

2. 10 Ways To Lose A Sale!

3. Cool Tool : Ad-Aware

4. Free Advertising

5. Final Quote


1. Jonathan :


This issue's article isn't one that I wrote... But I saw it at a website that had different articles, and I really liked it.

The author allows people to reprint his articles, as long as a little space is included at the end mentioning his website.

The Cool Tool for this issue is Ad-Aware. I highly recommend it. I've been using it for a long time since finding out about it.

And in case you haven't downloaded my ebook yet, take a minute to do it now. You'll like it(I hope).

You can download Website Traffic Demolition at:

As a student of WNU (Wordnet University), I got an email recently stating that the Forum section had been changed so that now you can be notified of new posts in a specific section.

I thought this was a nice addition, besides the fact that it tells you that the website is updated. ;-)

Sign up for the free 30 day trial and see for yourself.

I've starting collecting some spam that I've been receiving, and in the future, I hope to put up a page about spamming. Some of the spam that I've received is quite hilarious.

Anyways, enjoy this issue's article, and don't forget to try out the Cool Tool.




2. 10 Ways To Lose A Sale! by Larry Dotson

1. You don't make people feel safe when they order.

Remind people that they are ordering through a secure server. Tell them you won't sell their e-mail address and all their information will be kept confidential.

2. You don't make your ad copy attractive.

Your ad lists features instead of benefits. The headline does not attract at your target audience. You don't list any testimonials or guarantees included in your ad.

3. You don't remind people to come back and visit.

People usually don't purchase the first time they visit. The more times they visit your site, the greater the chance they will buy. The most effective way is to give them a free subscription to your e-zine.

4. You don't let people know anything about your business.

They will feel more comfortable if they know who they are buying from. Publish a section called "About Us" on your web site. Include your business history, profile of employees, contact information etc.

5. You don't give people as many ordering options as possible.

Accept credit cards, checks, money orders, and other forms of electronic payments. Take orders by phone, e-mail, web site, fax, mail, etc.

6. You don't make your web site look professional.

You want to have your own domain name. Your web
site should be easy to navigate through. The graphics
should be related to the theme of your web site.

7. You don't let people read your ad before they get your freebie.

When you use free stuff to lure people to your web site include it below your ad copy or on another web page. If you list the freebie above your ad they may never look to see what you're selling.

8. You don't attract the target audience that would buy your product or service.

A simple way to do this is to survey your existing customers to see what attracted them to buy. This information will help you improve your target marketing and advertising.

9. You don't test and improve your ad copy.

There are many people who write an ad copy and never change it. You have to continually test and improve your ad copy to get the highest possible response rate.

10. You don't give people any urgency to buy now.

Many people are interested in your product but they put off buying it till later and eventually forget about it. Entice them to buy now with a freebie or discount and include a deadline date when the offer ends.

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3. Cool Tool : Ad-Aware

Ad-Aware is a great tool to rid your computer of scumware.

What is scumware?

Scumware are the 'spy modules' that come installed with free ad-supported software, that you can usually find on most websites on the internet. One of the most well known spyware programs is Gator.

So what do the modules do?

They collect information about the computer users, without your knowledge! The spyware modules may be telling them what websites you are visiting, what you are doing on the computer, how much time you spend online, and more.

Fortunately, this is the Cool Tool section, in Awesome Solutions For Webmasters, so I'm going to provide you with a solution to rid your computer of scumware.

Ad-Aware is a great little tool that scans your computer for spy modules/programs and more and removes them.

It will scan your memory, your registry, and your hard drives.

Get Ad-Aware now!

It's a great tool, and it's free.

Note: Some programs that use spy modules may stop running when you remove the modules. So be careful when choosing if you want to remove something.

I personally don't use any programs that have scumware. So anytime that I run Ad-Aware, I'll delete whatever it finds.

Get Ad-Aware and find out what programs that you have are infected with scumware.

Odds are that if you've been using the internet for awhile, and if you occasionally download things, then you've been infected.

A cool tool can be a service, script, program, book, etc. Something useful to webmasters can qualify.
(Please don't send me affiliate links)

Send me the description and url(if any) to:

All Cool Tools featured in Awesome Solutions For Webmasters
can be found at PRO Website Management's site.


4. Free Advertising

I've decided to offer free advertising in my newsletter. That's right, following this 'section', the winner of Free Advertising can mention their website, or put something else in there.

You can see more details, rules, etc at

The winner of free advertising in my newsletter is:

[email removed]

All you have to do is send me an email at webmaster[at]prowebsitemanagement[dot]com.

I'll then get back in touch with you so you can have your ad placed in the next issue.

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5. Final Quote :

"I do not like work even when someone else does it."
- Mark Twain (1835-1910)

See you in the next issue!

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