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Web Design

Web design is quite often an overlooked step for people who have decided to set up a website.
I hope you find the following articles to be a tremendous help to the design and success of your site.

How to Keep People Away From Your Website - part 1

This is the article, in 2 parts that made me decide to write
Website Traffic Demolition

How to Keep People Away From Your Website - part 2

Put Your Graphics On A Diet - Graphics Optimization. Just how important is optimizing your graphics? Very important.

Start with the Right Tools - Find out what tools you should be using, when you start out. I wish I had had this when I actually was starting out, I wouldn't have dinked around so much.

Stop the Font Madness! - Using many different font styles and sizes can be fun, but it might be damaging for your site. (it'll usually end up looking like crap, too.)

The Order of Design - The important 9 steps that you should take when preparing to design your site. From planning to basking. :-)

How to Choose Your Web Site Colors - How? Read the three step method and the four rules in applying them to your web site.

Choosing the Navigation Structure that Best Suits Your Needs - Exactly what the title says, this article explains the different structures that there are, and which is most appropriate for your site.

Creating a Link Storyboard for Your Site - The most useful yet overlooked step in web design! Have you overlooked this step?

Creating Graphics That Deliver - Think you can't create graphics? Think again. This article shows you the three C's. Creativity, Constancy and Consistence.

All About Favicons - Favicons can make your site stand out when somebody adds it to their Favorites!
Learn what exactly Favicons are, how you can create them, and how to set them up.

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